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How it Works?

Amplifying your product launch on the global stage

Why should you launch your Proptech Products on PropTechBuzz?

Welcome to ProptechBuzz, the worlds only platform that launches and promotes proptech products on the global stage

Here's a breakdown of how the ProptechBuzz works


It's starts with you submitting the product


Engage and Thrive

Every day, we carefully select 10-12 remarkable proptech products across the globe to introduce to a high concentration of audience from the proptech industry.
This is your chance to amplify your brand and showcase your innovation. As the founder/owner, you'll want to make sure your product stands out among the crowd.


The Countdown Begins

At 8:00 AM PST, the excitement kicks off with our unique CountTime. This countdown starts at 24:00:00 and ends at 00:00:00. During this time, the PropTechBuzz community will vote for their favourite products of the day.
The product with the highest votes and engagement at the end of 24 hours of launch campaign wins the coveted "Spotlight of the Day." the next day.

Todays live count


Spotlight of the Day

The two most successful launches of the day earn the coveted "Spotlight of the Day" title. These products are prominently displayed at the top of our homepage, garnering maximum attention from our engaged audience.
This spotlight lasts for an additional 24 hours, giving your innovation extended prominence.

Why Launch Day Matters?

Unmatched Exposure

Launching your product on PropTechBuzz puts it in front of a targeted audience actively looking for innovative solutions in the PropTech domain. With over 0 weekly traffic

Targeted Engagement

With over 1000+ PropTech VCs, investors, professionals, CXOs, and potential customers, on launch day.

Networking Opportunities

Connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

Getting Started & Launch Your Proptech Product

Simply head over and complete the submission form.

Submit Your Product

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Our dedicated team will swiftly review your submission and, upon approval, send you an email that confirms your launch date. It's time to set the stage for your proptech journey!

Tips for Increasing Upvotes

  • Mobilize colleagues, friends, and industry contacts to vote for your product as the countdown ticks.
  • Concisely depict your product's unique value, spotlight problem-solving, and underline its potential impact.
  • Allocate resources to top-notch media: logos, screenshots, and videos that captivate and inform.
  • If possible, share insights from founders, including their vision and the journey that led to the product's creation.
  • Engage actively, join discussions, answer queries, and interact with potential users for a positive impact.