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Fixle, Inc. Launches as Independent Company Following Incubation at American Family Insurance


Fixle, Inc. Launches as Independent Company Following Incubation at American Family Insurance

Fixle, Inc (fixlehome.com), a technology company specializing in simplifying home maintenance and management, has officially launched as an independent entity, stemming from its incubation at American Family Insurance. Co-founded by industry veterans Dave Theus (co-founder of HOMEE) and Amanda Schulze, Fixle’s emergence as a standalone company underscores its dedication to enhancing home maintenance and management processes. Fixle streamlines the utilization, maintenance, repair, and oversight of home systems and appliances through a platform designed for easy, secure, and interconnected access to home-related information. Serving property managers, home inspectors, service technicians, warranty underwriters, insurance adjusters, homeowners, and integration partners, Fixle ensures timely delivery of valuable information precisely when required.

Dave Theus, CEO of Fixle, expressed, “The launch of Fixle marks the culmination of the significant progress achieved by our innovative technology and dedicated team. We extend our appreciation to AmFam, our partners, investors, customers, and advisors for their unwavering support. Our primary focus going forward is on delivering exceptional customer experiences, expanding our user base, executing on our product roadmap, and securing additional capital to propel our growth.”

Dan Reed, Managing Director and President of American Family Ventures, conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our endorsement of Fixle’s transition to an independent entity from AmFam reflects our confidence in their mission and the comprehensive solution they offer. As a minority investor, we are not only investing in a company but also in a vision that has garnered significant market interest.”

The emergence of Fixle as an independent entity grants it greater agility to innovate and expand within the PropTech industry, while also enhancing its roster with top-tier investors, advisors, and partners. This move underscores the company’s determination to establish itself as a frontrunner in the field.

About Fixle, Inc.
Fixle, Inc. (fixlehome.com) is revolutionizing home ownership and management through its advanced approach to home maintenance, repairs, and oversight. The Fixle platform streamlines the homeowner and service provider experience by providing instant access to critical information about homes, starting with appliances and systems. Leveraging state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Fixle drives efficiency, reduces costs, and redefines the connection between individuals and their homes.


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